Data Recovery

The worst thing you could have happen is to lose access to your data. Imagine all of your photos, documents, music to vanish. I have had customers call almost in tears because their computer wont boot, or the hard drive crashed or went bad. The thing I tell all of my customers the most often is BACKUP! There are many forms of creating backups.

There are CD-ROM, DVD, Flash Drive, External Hard Drive and a few more. Windows XP, Windows 7 & 8 have back up features built right in to the operating system, you just need the device or media to create the backups. If your PC wont boot due to a corrupt or bad boot sector, hard drive crash or some other unforeseen event, we can help to recover that lost data. I have successfully recovered lost Vacation Photos, Business Data, Tax information, Music collections, Email, and much more.

Not only will we do our best to recover the data, we can show you how easy backing up your data can be. An ounce of prevention beats 100 pounds of disaster. Contact us for more information and pricing. 480-612-7443 /